DYS Treatment Package

Get 2 IVF cycle at just ₹1.8L

Double Your Success (DYS)

Pay for 1 IVF Cycle & Get FREE 2nd cycle

Success of IVF depends on Age and the reason for infertility.

The Overall success rate of IVF/ICSI in 1st attempt is in the range of 35% -40% which increases to around 65 – 67% after 2 cycles of IVF. The fertility journey could be stressful and may not yield desired result in 1st IVF cycle. Feelings of guilt, financial stress and disappointment leads to discontinuation of the treatment.

Lot of couples are worried about the high cost of IVF treatment due to which they do not dare to go through the second cycle.

To reduce the stress and maximise the chances of success, ConceiveIVF has devised unique family building strategy that will take away financial worries & double your chances of conceiving.

What is DYS?

सफलता दोगुनी करने का दोहरा मौका

With DYS, you get the opportunity for a second treatment cycle at no extra cost if the first one doesn’t result in clinical pregnancy.

Pay for 1 IVF Cycle & Get FREE procedure cost in 2nd cycle. In addition, you get discounts on embryo freezing, thawing, assisted hatching, Blastocyst, and all ala carte services at Conceive.

Typical ART cycle involves ovarian stimulation by daily multiple injections to develop follicles/eggs, ultrasound scans, egg pick up procedure under short general anaesthesia, fertilization by IVF/ICSI in the advanced embryology lab followed by transferring good quality embryos in the uterus.

In standard package if the 1st cycle do not yield pregnancy, the second attempt requires repetition of all the above, which doubles the cost.

How does DYS work?

सफलता दोगुनी करने का दोहरा मौका

Two Treatment Cycles at the cost of one: With the DYS program, you pay a fixed fee of Rs. 2 Lacs which covers the entire procedure charges for not just one but two treatment cycles, making it a cost-effective choice.

Procedure charges: It includes all consultations, all follicular scans during stimulation, egg pickup surgery under GA, OT charges, surgeon charges, procedures in IVF lab (IVF, ICSI, Embryo development), services of skilled embryologist and 1 Embryo transfer attempt.

Exclusions (Medicines and Anaesthesia Charges): While the DYS program covers the procedural costs, charges for medicines, consumables and anaesthesia are billed separately at the actual cost.

The DYS program is adaptable to various scenarios. If the 1stcycle do not lead to clinical pregnancy, the 2nd cycle can be either through FET cycle or Fresh Stimulation Cycle.

2nd FET Cycle: If you have viable good quality embryos remaining and preserved from the first cycle, they can be thawed and transferred during the second cycle. The Embryo Thawing and Transfer process is absolutely free of cost.

2nd Fresh Ivf stimulation cycle: In case where no surplus embryos are available, the procedure charges for 2nd fresh cycle is free of cost, you will be paying only for medicines, consumables and anaesthesia charges.

To Enquire About DYS Package

Discounts with DYS scheme

  • Embryo freezing: If you have surplus good-quality embryos after the initial cycle, our embryologist may recommend cryopreservation (freezing) of these embryos for future use. Under the DYS program, you will get discount on cryopreservation services which you can use for 2nd cycle or in future.
  • Embryo Thawing charges
  • Embryo transfer charges
  • Assisted hatching
  • Blastocyst culture
  • Sperm sorting procedures
  • Discounts on all ala carte services at the center

What are the Benefits of DYS?

Choosing the DYS program brings several advantages,

  • Hassle free and stress free – It is Pain Free due to no discomfort of multiple injections and less cost
  • Savings on hormone and drug costs,
  • Avoiding the discomfort of multiple injections, and eliminating the need for repeated anaesthesia and invasive procedures for second FET cycle.
  • Savings up to 1.2 lakhs for second cycle.
  • Increased success rate upto 67%.
  • Save Time to focus on your work and daily chores as you don’t have to visit the clinic for stimulations.
  • Personalized Counselling free: Our specialist psychologists and counsellor will provide you with a complete emotional support throughout your journey, that is free exclusively for our Patients enrolled under DYS package.

Book for a free consultation now and our dedicated team will provide you with a detailed review of the DYS program, and whether you are eligible to be enrolled in DYS program, ensuring you fully understand the pricing benefits and the comprehensive support available to you.