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Miscarriage symptoms range from a slightly reduced feeling of being pregnant to more serious signs of fever and vomiting. The most obvious symptoms of miscarriage involve vaginal bleeding. The confusing factor of signs of a miscarriage is that early signs like cramping and spotting might be the same indications of pregnancy itself.

The early signs of miscarriage might be mystified with a heavy period if you’re just a couple of weeks pregnant. As your pregnancy progress, like for instance, symptoms of miscarriage first semester become more severe. Usually, there’s abdominal pain and cramping that is followed by spotting and heavy bleeding. The symptoms you must know are:

  1. Vaginal bleeding that might be preceded by brownish discharge is a classic symptom of miscarriage as the older blood shows the uterus is shedding the ovum implant.
  2. Passage of blood clots-normal periods must be a fixed flow of blood lasting 3 to 5 days. Bigger blood clots show a struggle happening in your uterus to shed the lining.
  3. Lower back pain- some people describe this as uterus spasms pressing against the back nerves.
  4. Leg cramping- this is considered a milder sign of miscarriage
  5. Cramps in the pelvic area- general cramping shouldn’t take place during a healthy pregnancy. Your uterus gets bigger and makes space for the fetus in due course, and the expending uterus feels like a mild pressure from the inside to the front of the stomach.
  6. Feeling of weakness- this is an early sign of miscarriage that can be confused with the signs of pregnancy. In miscarriage, weakness normally starts of a hormonal change, possible loss of blood, and an indication of infection.
  7. Passing of vaginal blood clot- if your menstruation is late and then followed by a heavy flow of blood, it’s possible you are experiencing a miscarriage.
  8. Nausea: This is an early sign of miscarriage that is also confused with general pregnancy signs. If you have not been experienced this before or tired, you may be having an early miscarriage.
  9. Weight loss- a significant weight loss is also an indication of miscarriage. It is highly advisable to visit your doctor.
  10. Contractions- Contraction is also an early sign of miscarriage that is often confused with signs of pregnancy itself. Still, it is advisable to visit your doctor.
  11. Sometimes there are no signs and your miscarriage may just be found out in a routine scan.


How to Stop Miscarriage from Taking Place

You cannot stop a miscarriage from happening once the signs start to appear. Therefore, it is advisable to visit your physician and be treated to avoid infection or hemorrhaging.

Can I Try for Another Pregnancy After Miscarriage?

Yes. But, your midwife or doctor might suggest waiting a specific amount of time prior to attempting to conceive once more

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