Your dream to conceive a child is a serious
and a huge decision in your life.

Third Party Reproduction Using Surrogacy

Do you want to create your own family, but you are struggling with infertility? Don’t lose hope because there is an alternative solution to that matter. You can choose for third party reproduction using surrogacy. With this process, you need a surrogate. Do you wonder what is a surrogate? A surrogate is a female agreeing to carry another woman’s pregnancy.

This third-party reproduction comes in 2 types.

Types of Surrogacy

The third-party reproduction using surrogacy has 2 types, namely gestational surrogacy, and traditional surrogacy.

  • Traditional surrogacy
    In this case, the woman will be inseminated artificially with the sperm of a man looking for a surrogate. The eggs of the surrogate are then fertilized with the said sperm. With this, the surrogate has biological and genetic link on the pregnancy that she carries.
  • Gestational surrogacy
    The gestational surrogacy is also called IVF gestational carrier, gestational carrier, host, or uterine carrier. It is the commonly used surrogacy type. It pertains to a woman approving the transfer of another couple’s or individual’s embryo in her uterus using IVF. In this type, the surrogate has no genetic association with the pregnancy that she carries.

The importance of surrogacy in reproduction is truly amazing. Thus, a couple who desire to make a family can achieve their dream to conceive. You have nothing to fear since you will be guided by professional physicians to produce the best results of the surrogacy reproduction.

The Process

In the process of surrogacy, the couples can make embryos with the use of IVF or in vitro fertilization with the use of their genetic material. If ever one of the partners can’t give their sperm or eggs, they can prefer for a donor. Then, the embryos will be transferred to the uterus of your chosen surrogate. Next, the surrogate will give gestational care and surrender the child to the couple upon its birth.

Finding A Surrogate for Surrogacy Reproduction

Your dream to conceive a child is a serious and a huge decision in your life. With this, you must make sure that you can find the best surrogate to conceive a child with your partner. You can get a surrogate with the help of an attorney, agency, or with your family and friends.

It is crucial that your surrogate must meet the requirements to ensure that she will have a healthy pregnancy to carry a healthy baby. You must check whether your potential surrogate has a good medical and reproductive histories. They must also be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy for an excellent support system.

What Are the Possible Challenges with Third-Party Reproduction Using Surrogacy?

The possible challenges of third-party reproduction using surrogacy are more psychological than physical. Therefore, the couple and the surrogate must be ready for the process. It is also a good idea to have psychological counseling to help everyone handle the process easily.

Do you want to create a family, but you struggle with infertility? You can use surrogacy reproduction!