Previous IVF Failure

Every couple dream of having their own family.
Well, the best to attain this goal for those who
can’t conceive is through IVF treatment.

What Are IVF Failure Causes?

Every couple dream of having their own family. Well, the best to attain this goal for those who can’t conceive is through IVF treatment. Meanwhile, there are some instances when the IVF cycle fails, which is quite frustrating for the couple. Do you want to know more about IVF failure? Then, this article is for you.

The following are the possible reasons for the failure of IVF:

  • Quality of the embryo
    The quality of the embryo is one of the main reasons why IVF fails. There are some cases when the embryo can’t implant after the transfer to the uterus because of its quality. You may not know it, but the embryo, which looks good in the lab, can still have some defects, which can lead to IVF failure.
  • Ovarian response
    Some females have ovaries that don’t strongly response to fertility medications to create multiple eggs. These commonly happen for woman whose age is more than 37 and has higher level of FSH. You can consult your reproductive endocrinologist for the evaluation why IVF fails and the fertility medications.
  • Age of the eggs
    You must remember that in the process of IVF, the age of the eggs is more important compared to the age of the woman having the IVF treatment. The quantity and quality of a female’s eggs or the ovarian reserve can worsen as they age. It is estimated that around 25 % of the embryos to be transferred will lead to live births of babies. However, it can still depend on the age of the woman. Thus, females under 35 can have around 45% implantation rate.
  • Chromosomal issues
    Chromosomal problems are among the top IVF failure reasons. If there is an abnormality in the embryo, chances are the IVF will fail. According to research, the women who age from 30 and above can suffer from chromosomal abnormalities in the eggs. If there is a failure on IVF, your fertility professional can advise you for PGS or preimplantation genetic screening in your next IVF cycle. This will test the number of cells on the embryo to check if there is the right number of chromosomes.
  • Lifestyle
    Another reason why ivf fail is your lifestyle. It is an important factor for the IVF process. If you want to boost your fertility, it is a good decision to stop smoking before undergoing an IVF treatment. Additionally, it is said that women who smoke are prone to miscarriage for those who don’t.

Your weight is also a major factor of IVF failure causes. With this, you must be responsible enough to maintain a healthy weight to make the best of your IVF treatment. If you are underweight or overweight, you must establish a healthy diet plan to maintain a healthy weight. So, you can conceive a baby and create your own family with your partner.

Are you ready to start your family? Then, you can look into an IVF treatment as an alternative. However, you must also consider the above ideas to avoid IVF failure.