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What should I expect during a IVF consultation?

When you arrive for your first IVF consultation with Dr. Madhuri Roy IVF specialist in Pune, you can expect to be treated with respect and honesty. Additional IVF consultation expectations include discussing the planned procedures as well as all of the potential unexpected risks and backup plans.

Expect the consultation to include a step-by-step plan and outline of the procedures that will be done. These will most likely include explaining how the IVF process is going to involve procedures of daily injections, frequent monitoring visits with blood work and ultrasounds. Additional details of the process and questions to consider asking during your consultation might include:

  • An overall health assessment to determine which protocol for egg stimulation will be best
  • An explanation of how the ovaries will be monitored. Expect about 6 visits for this step.
  • A discussion about when the egg will be triggered and what medications will be used
  • egg retrieval details such as how and when will the egg retrieval be done?
  • Which fertilization technique will be used, and what methods are used to assess the embryo development?
  • Will assisted hatching be necessary?
  • How many embryos will be transferred?
  • Discuss any pre-implantation genetic screening to be done as well as what to do with extra embryos that may be created during the process.

During the IVF consult is the best time to ask all of the questions you have. Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding IVF consultations Pune now.