Choosing An IVF Specialist Doctor?

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How do I choose a IVF specialist?

Once you’ve made the decision to go through IVF treatment, it’s time to find the best IVF specialist. Where do I find a specialist? Is it best to find an IVF doctor near me, or should I look globally to find the perfect centre? What are some important factors to consider?

Finding the right clinic and the right doctor can be a tiring process. Feeling confident in this doctor’s hands is going to be extremely important. You will be trusting them to help you with one of the most important decisions of your life, creating a human being, a baby for you to hold and raise.

It’s more than financial

While the process is going to be costly, there is more to IVF treatment than money alone. Don’t simply go with a clinic solely based on whether or not your insurance will cover it. Instead, tap into your savings or secure a loan. Sometimes, friends or family may even be willing to do a fund raiser for you to attain your dream.

Background research

As you would before hiring anyone, you should always do a background check and research. Not all fertility centres are going to be the same. The one closest to you may not be your best option. It may be worth travelling to find one that is a good choice. Be careful to research beyond the claims on their website. Look to see whether or not they list their results. If not, go elsewhere. On the other hand, don’t believe every glowing promise they present without first researching it yourself.

Referrals matter

Start by asking your OB/GYN if they have a professional association with an IVF specialist they trust. Don’t simply take their word for it, also seek out other recommendations. Read every patient review you can find. Consult with agencies that oversee medical clinics, and gather referrals. Go beyond this as well to ask friends and family members who have gone through IVF treatment at the specific centre you are considering using. Sometimes, a word of mouth recommendation is the best referral.

Go with your gut feeling

There is something that goes beyond claims that seem to be factual. Some call it a gut level feeling. Does the staff make you feel comfortable, and is the environment clean? These are things you can determine by looking around and connecting to ask questions. But, there is another factor that may be even more reliable. Some call it their gut feeling. Whether you have a nagging sense to avoid the centre, this little feeling like a pit in the bottom of your stomach telling you something is wrong, or conversely, you feel it deep inside that this is the one, never question that gut feeling.


When you have narrowed down your search, arrange for an interview with the facility. Compile your list of questions, and ask what their success rates have been with others in your similar situation, what they do with unused frozen embryos, and any other question to set your mind at ease. Ask about the specific doctor whom you will be working with. What is their experience? When you want to find the very best IVF specialist in Pune, look to the help of Dr. Madhuri Roy IVF specialist who is ready now to answer any question you might have and walk you through the IVF treatment process.