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Who Is Good Candidate Of IVF?

While it may seem like everyone but you is able to conceive, there is a lot to the process of making a baby. It all starts with a healthy egg being able to connect with healthy sperm. Before an egg and sperm naturally become fertilized, the egg must be able to pass through the fallopian tubes unhindered to meet the sperm. For many women, this cannot happen because the egg is being blocked for one reason or another from travelling through the tubes. Since IVF bypasses this step entirely, some of the best IVF treatment successes have happened for women with blocked fallopian tubes. Likewise, women who have trouble producing eggs often benefit from IVF by using an egg donor.

Fertility treatments have helped many conceive when they have otherwise been given a discouraging diagnosis. Women who have blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, cervical factor infertility, ovulation disorders or abnormal ovulation cycles, PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome, a male partner with low sperm count, or other unexplained infertility are considered to be very good candidates for IVF treatment in Pune. You will also need to take into consideration your overall general health.

Some conditions that may make it more difficult to conceive through IVF mainly include those that have to do with an embryo developing once it is implanted. These include a fibroid tumour, ovarian dysfunction, abnormal hormone levels, or uterine abnormalities. Additionally, those who have had multiple miscarriages or women who are nearing or into their 40s may have difficulty at success since their egg supply begins to slow down. An IVF procedure may still be successful when a donor egg or sperm is used.

Everyone is unique, and your path to becoming a parent will be your own story to tell. Before you give up hope on the dream of holding your very own baby, discuss your IVF procedure Pune options with one of our specialists today who will walk you through your individual plan to conceive through IVF.