Egg Donation

This third-party reproduction program is perfect for
those couples who can’t conceive. It is also feasible
for same-sex couples as well as single women.

Third Party Donor Egg Reproduction Program

It is natural that all of us want to have our own family. However, there are instances that some people can’t conceive due to infertility, which is frustrating sometimes. Fortunately, there is a third-party donor egg reproduction program.

Who Are the Candidates for Donor Egg Assisted Reproduction?

This third-party reproduction program is perfect for those couples who can’t conceive. It is also feasible for same-sex couples as well as single women. Before we proceed, let us first know what third-party donor egg reproduction program is.

Egg donation is a fertility treatment wherein a woman can get egg, which is donated by other individuals. It can be a fertile or younger woman. Then, the eggs are fertilized with the sperm of her husband. Then, embryos will be created, and the succeeding embryo will be transferred back to her.

The Process

In the first stage of the process of egg donation, the couple must workup. It is necessary to ensure that the woman will have a healthy uterus for carrying a baby. Additionally, the husband will also have enough sperm for fertilizing and making embryos.

Then, the next step is to find an egg donor. If you want to make the best of the egg donation process, you must be careful in choosing a donor. You must check their important details, including medical history, education level, family history for genetic disorders, ethnicity and more. It also needs screening tests like single gene testing, chromosome analysis, psychological evaluation, and other main health aspects.

After the selection of your donor, she will be stimulated with fertility drugs to make multiple eggs. The couple can harvest about 12 to 15 eggs in the cycle. If the donor is under stimulation for producing eggs, the intended parent is prepared with progesterone and estrogen to prepare her uterus for embryo implantation.

Third-Party Reproduction Cost

If you undergo in third-party donor egg reproduction program, you must also consider its cost. The cost of this third-party reproduction program starts from $8,000 up to $10,000 USD. It also includes the donor fees, donor’s treatment for harvesting eggs, medications, embryo transfer completion, and treatment to prepare the body for embryo transfer.

Possible Challenges with Egg Donor Reproduction

A woman who prefers egg donor reproduction can face possible challenges that are more psychological than physical. Therefore, you must be ready about the challenges that may confront you with this process. This program has higher success rates, so you can expect the best results.

The best about egg donation is that couples can have a biological family since the woman can experience pregnancy. With this, they will have a chance to have a happy family with their children. In this option, make sure that the woman is medically ready to handle pregnancy.

Do you want to create a family even though you are having a hard time with infertility? Worry no more since the third-party donor egg reproduction program is for you. It will help you to achieve your dream to conceive.