How to boost Fertility?

Women can still tell if they are ovulating if there
is an increase in the libido. If you notice this sign,
you can have sex to boost your fertility.

How to Boost Fertility

Do you want to conceive but it takes too long than you expect? Do you ask yourself; how can I boost my fertility? Well, you must not lose hope. There are different solutions to boost your fertility. Read further.

The following are the best tips to boost fertility.

  • Listen to your body
    Women can still tell if they are ovulating if there is an increase in the libido. If you notice this sign, you can have sex to boost your fertility.
  • Have sex
    Having sex is the most effective way to boost ovulation naturally. Aside from trying to conceive, you can also improve your intimate relationship with your partner.
  • If your most fertile, try to workout
    With the help of ovulation predictor kit or fertility calculator, you can determine what month you’re most fertile. These months are the best to have sex. You can have sex every 2 or 3 days of that month.
  • Take daily supplement
    You can take supplement daily to improve your ovulation. You can prefer for supplements that come with 400 mg folic acid. The recommended daily supplement for women is those which contain folic acid, zinc and vitamin D which are important for cell division, reproduction and normal fertility.
  • Keep healthy weight
    Do you want to know how to boost fertility in your 30s? One best way to boost fertility is to keep a healthy weight. If you are underweight or overweight, it can affect your ability to conceive, so stay active and keep an eye to your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water
    Drinking plenty of water can still boost fertility after 35. It will help you to improve the quality of fertile cervical fluid. It can also clean your system.
  • Try sex in different positions
    Even though there is not enough evidence about this, having sex at missionary mission is effective for a successful conception. This position allows the penis to reach the front of cervix which suggests that the sperm can land on the uterus opening.
  • Stay calm
    If you wish to boost fertility after 40, you must stay calm. Stress is a factor which can affect your ability to conceive. It has an impact to your brain which can regulate the hormones. The hypothalamus gland can regulate your hormones to release the eggs. Therefore, you must keep calm. You can do this through yoga.
  • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine
    Alcohol can lead to ovulation cycle imbalance since the cigarettes have chemical that can damage the eggs. Studies also show that women who take caffeine can take longer to be pregnant.
  • After sex, you can lie with your legs in the air
    Although there is not enough evidence, women can do bicycle movements in the air after having sex. It can boost the sperm for moving from uterus to fallopian tubes.

Meanwhile, it is also important to boost immunity during pregnancy for a healthy journey to motherhood.

Do you want to boost your fertility? Then, follow the steps mentioned above. With this, you can conceive and make a family with the one you love.

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